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Unleashing the potential of Genetic Code Expansion for Biomedical Research

Genetic Code Expansion (GCE) is a powerful tool with vast implications for basic research and the development of new therapeutics. By optimizing, developing and broadly disseminating GCE technologies, the GCE4All Center makes the use of powerful tools and approaches standard; enabling scientific breakthroughs worldwide.

The GCE4All Center: Unleashing the Potential of Genetic Code Expansion for Biomedical Research (GCE4All) is a Biomedical Technology Optimization and Dissemination (BTOD) Center supported by Oregon State University and grant RM1-GM144227 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health.

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Genetic Code Expansion refers to engineering cells for use in research that have an expanded genetic code and can produce selected proteins with designer chemical groups in exactly defined places. The GCE4All Center mission is to improve this powerful set of technologies so they can be more widely used for revealing mechanisms of health and disease and developing improved diagnostics and therapeutics.

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