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Photo of a lab counter covered in beakers, syringes, and measuring cups.

Genetic code expansion

A fusion of synthetic and chemical biology, GCE is the engineering of cellular translation to express proteins containing non-canonical amino acids (ncAAs). GCE technology enables researchers to modify the genetic code and produce designer proteins of interest. The ability to make such designer proteins brings with it new possibilities, fostering innovation across the life sciences, medicine and industry.

Technology Optimization Projects

GCE4All’s mission is to select critically-needed genetic code expansion technologies and get them to the point that they can be utilized by the broader research community – regardless of whether or not individuals are experts in this field.

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Driving Biomedical Projects

GCE4All provides early access to select researchers to our emergent tools through our Driving Biomedical Projects collaborations in an effort to accelerate select research and promote breakthroughs.

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