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Genetic Code Expansion Tools and Training

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As a Biomedical Technology Optimization and Dissemination Center, one of GCE4All's goals is to improve understanding and access to Genetic Code Expansion technology. As our Center progresses, we will be creating and curating well-working GCE tools, as well as protocols for their use. Additionally, we recognize that the biomedical research community needs access and lowered barriers to GCE technology. In pursuit of this goal, GCE4All will offer online training materials, hands-on workshops, and conferences that bring together the growing GCE community, including developers, users and prospective users.

GCE4All Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct seeks to provide a safe and secure environment suitable for conductive learning and connection at our various training and community building events (both virtual and in-person). Please review before taking part in one of our events.

Tools and protocols

The Center will be developing “certified” protocols for GCE tools and as we develop them, they will be added to this protocols page. Also, access by academic groups to many existing GCE tools (including those needed for our certified protocols) is already available through our collaboration with Addgene who have a “genetic code expansion” section of the Addgene repository.

That section of the Addgene repository includes GCE-relevant:

Training resources and conferences

As online training materials are developed by the Center, they will be accessible here. Also, you can find here information about hands-on workshops the GCE4All Center will put on and conferences of relevance to the field.

GCE Workshops

Our hands-on workshops – five put on since 2015 by the Oregon State University Unnatural Protein Facility – have previously been week-long intensive laboratory and lecture courses that provide about 20 participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge to utilize existing and emerging genetic code expansion technology while working on their own project.

The next full workshop, Selecting your Synthetase - Expanding GCE Chemistries, is scheduled for Aug 2-8th, 2024 at the GCE4All Research Center in Corvallis, OR. Registration for this workshop will open in January 2024!

Selecting your Synthetase Workshop Details 
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GCE Conference

The aim of Genetic Code Expansion Conferences has been to bring together scientists from diverse disciplines who share an interest in developing and/or using Genetic Code Expansion (GCE) technology.

The first GCE conference took place in 2016 at Oregon State University with the goal of getting GCE users and developers together to expedite advances. This gathering was a tremendous success in both building connections between researchers and in stimulating progress in the field. A second conference was held in 2018 at Oregon State University. Although the planned 2020 conference was postponed due to COVID-19, going forward the GCE community’s plans are for GCE leaders, practitioners and users to gather at biennial international GCE conferences to continue growing the GCE community.

The next GCE conference is scheduled for Aug 8-11th, 2024. Registration will open in January 2024.